Evening Ferry

Evening Ferry was an Indiebound selection.

Evening Ferry is the second volume of a literary trilogy set on a fictional New England island. The multigenerational story of the Snow Island trilogy explores family bonds, love found in unlikely places, and the impact of war on those who go off to fight and those who are left behind.

Evening Ferry finds thirty-two-year-old Rachel Shattuck, who grew up on Snow Island but left at the age of eighteen, living on the mainland, just a short ferry ride away from Snow. Rachel struggles to adjust to being divorced while grieving the recent death of her mother. In the summer of 1965, she returns to Snow Island to care for her injured father and discovers her mother's diaries hidden in a closet. Reading Phoebe Shattuck's account of her life as a wife and a mother, Rachel learns the truth about her family's history, her mother's death, and her own aspirations to lead a new life. Evening Ferry is a portrait of two women and the island they come to call home, at a time when the world is changing, and the country faces war once again.

Praise for Evening Ferry

"Readers familiar with Snow Island, Katherine Towler's fine first novel, will be further delighted by her return to those hardscrabble New England waterfolk in Evening Ferry: a strong and deeply satisfying tale of the islanders' lives, loves, and losses from the Great Depression of the 1930s to America's war in Vietnam. Readers new to Towler's fiction have a happy discovery awaiting them." — John Barth, author of The Sot-Weed Factor and The Book of Ten Nights and a Night

"[Towler] imagines characters and an island life that feel remarkably real. Inner quandaries over love, sex, memories, dreams and codes of duty are rendered with a light but vivid elegance... by intertwining each era's history and cultural shifts with the stories of individual islanders, Towler is creating a memorable regional trilogy." — The Providence Journal

"When one is held in place by the past, the only way to move life forward is to find a way to break those chains. It is such a journey that Katherine Towler places at the center of Evening Ferry. Evening Ferry succeeds in part because the characters tell an interesting story, but also because of the way the novel takes the reader to a world far removed from present experience." — The Denver Post

"Towler's two books, with their overlapping characters and philosophies, interlock neatly, like pieces of a larger jigsaw already fully imagined... a compelling achievement." — The Boston Globe

"Poignant... In a country deeply divided by the Vietnam conflict, Evening Ferry is the calm before the storm." — Curledup.com

"Evening Ferry is a moving, human story, and Towler is a powerful, brave new writer." — Hippo Press, Manchester, NH

"Evening Ferry grips readers, beginning to end, with a gradual revealing of hard and sometimes redeeming truths about characters we truly care about." — The Concord Monitor

"The arc of the main characters' lives provide puzzles and also the pieces you need, in the end, to find closure. Evening Ferry has strong characters and surprises. Its sense of place is seductive." — Fosters Daily Democrat

"Evening Ferry offers readers a luminous and deeply moving journey back to the fictional Snow Island, the title of Towler's first book... a rich and satisfying foray into another world." — The Cape Codder

"Towler brings a strong sense of place, exquisite pacing and deft characterization to the quahoggers and others whose isolated lives depend on the sea." — Mystic River Press