One of Us Is Lost: Selected Poems of Robert Dunn

This new collection of Robert Dunn's poetry, edited by Katherine Towler, Sidney Hall, Jr., and Rodger Martin, includes a foreword by Towler. The tenth volume in the Hobblebush Granite State Poetry Series, this edition collects work from all of Dunn's publications, including his penny books, along with ten unpublished poems written in the final years of his life. All royalties from the sale of this book will be donated to the Portsmouth Poet Laureate Program.

Praise for One of Us Is Lost: Selected Poems of Robert Dunn

"Celebration and elegy coexist in Robert Dunn's carefully wrought poems, some no longer than a single, unadorned sentence. They are marvels of wit and heart and should be committed to memory and then bruited about as news or shared gossip as Robert himself would have had it." - Marie Harris

"Like his fellow New England traveler Emily Dickinson, Robert Dunn appears to have lived a circumscribed life, but these multi-faceted, whimsical, and deadly serious poems will dispel that myth. From oil spills to infinity, from war protest to hope, Dunn's poems are a metaphysical distillation of the tunes Robert Dunn spun as he walked the old seacoast town of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. These lines from Five Songs About Rain reveal Dunn's kinship with Dickinson, that heady mix of humor and philosophy, ...each drop a narrow world/Including seven worlds/(And me) eight times infinity. Pithy, enigmatic machines made of words, Dunn's lines invite us. Go inside these prismatic, necessary workings where both we and our worlds are made new." - Mimi White